wednesday night class

Wednesday Night Classes

If this is your first visit to Burnt Hickory, we welcome you and ask that you come with an open mind!

Wednesday Night Worship - begins at 7 pm

Our 6th-12th graders meet in the BHYM Teen Center for dynamic worship at 7 PM.  Please plan on joining us for a time of worship and getting into God's word.

We worship a capella - what that means is that we usually do not include instrumentation while we sing together! Yes it can be a little intimidating, perhaps a little weird at first... but with the lights turned out, with the room packed wall-to-wall with people singing aloud, you'll see and understand how amazing this type of worship can be. You truly have to experience it to understand it. Don't worry - nobody is going to make you sing... just come... and witness a new old style of worship!