Sunday Classes

6th-12th Grade Students

Teachers: Justin Moore, Amanda Moore, and Jeff Bethel

Class meets in the  Teen Center

Class Series: Atomic (A Series on Habits)

Habits! We all have them, so let’s talk about them. Whether you’ve got good habits (like getting enough sleep or remembering to floss) or bad habits (like biting your nails or checking your phone too often), most of your habits are probably small, tiny, hardly noticeable habits. But over time, those little habits can impact your life, for good or bad. So, what about your spiritual practices? What small things do you do every day that draw you closer to God or keep you at a distance? In this 4-week series, we’ll discover some principles from Scripture that have the power to help you develop tiny habits that can make a significant impact — habits like spending time with God, investing in your relationships, sharing your faith story, and worshiping with your life.