Sunday Classes

6th Grader Class: Room 133

Teachers: Shanon & Angela Seals and Jeff  & Jennifer Bethel

Topic: Heaven, Change and Family

Curriculum: Flyte: Curriculum by Lifeway

Main Goal: The first part is about turning your life to Christ and it touches on being saved. We are going to provide the kids with a copy of Scott Frank’s book “Buried with Christ: Understanding Baptism”. We will not go into depth. Our goal is to impress upon them that baptism is something we do, in the future, when we are ready. It is a step we take when we really understand what sin is and what it means to dedicate our lives to God. There will be no pressure.

The curriculum also covers change, which is what middle school is really about. We talk about relationships with friends, family and others – including a section on judging others (and how they judge us) based on appearance, actions and attitudes. We also have a great section on family relationships that uses the story of Joseph to work through family issues. It helps kids understand why families sometimes have conflicts and ways to help friends who are going through tough family stuff.


7th & 8th Grade: Room 135

Teachers:  Michael & Cristi Holbrook and Todd & Karen Walker

Topic:Bible for Real Life Situations

Curriculum:  Bible Studies for Life: Student

9th & 10th Grade: Teen Center

Teachers: Justin & Amanda Moore and Jed & Marsha McNatt

Topic:Bible for Real Life Situations

Curriculum: Bible Studies for Life: Student

11th & 12th Grade: Room 129 (The Cross Room)

Teachers:  Michael & Elizabeth Newlin and Nathan & Ashley Weathers

Topic:Bible for Real Life Situations

Curriculum: Bible Studies for Life: Student

Main Goal: The Winter 2018-19 study focuses on:

 The Full Picture of Christmas (Unit 1): The thought of Christmas evokes different images for different people. For some, it is a time of family, tradition, and making special memories. For others, Christmas is all about Santa Claus, holiday songs, parties, and exchanging gifts. But for the Christian, Christmas is about Jesus coming to earth to bring salvation. And for many people in our culture, Christmas is a combination of all these images! By looking at the birth of Christ from the perspective of different people in Scripture, we get an accurate image—the full picture—of the true meaning and purpose of Christmas.

Engaging Culture (Unit 2): Culture changes. Look at old fashion trends or listen to the slang terms of different generations, and it becomes clear—we are constantly changing. Truth, ethics, and morality remain constant no matter what, but unfortunately, society has convinced many that these are all relative instead of seeing these as the very ideas that should shape the culture. How do we live out the truth and righteousness as God has called us? By the grace and power of Christ, we can display to those around us the wonderful truth of God’s Word.