pack Sunday

Pack Sunday's is a program we have been dreaming about for several years and we are excited about how God will work through this concept to bless this ministry. After evaluating our Youth Ministry, it is evident  that one of the most important things we need is to make this Youth Ministry relational again. Because of this need, we will be implementing the concept of Pack Leaders and other various relational aspects to our ministry. 

You are probably asking yourself – What is a Pack Leader? A Pack Leader is an adult who intentionally builds a relationship with 3-4 of our students. The Pack Leader format is designed to enable the Burnt Hickory Youth Ministry to be intentionally relational with our students. We believe in order for us to reach our students where they are in their walk with Christ, relational ministry style is the key. By developing one-on-one relationships, students will be inspired to grow spiritually and discover who they are in God’s Kingdom. We hope that by developing personal relationships students will be inspired to give themselves fully to God.

One of the purposes of the Pack Leader is to lead students down a path toward spiritual maturity. There is no way that one single person can lead 100 people down 100 different paths. The students’ paths are as unique as their fingerprints.  Each has its own challenges and experiences. Each requires different strategies and different equipment to reach the top. As a Pack Leader, you will help students reach their full potential and help to elevate their level of spiritual awareness and maturity.

Pack Leaders will meet with our teens once a month on Sundays. Attached are some expectations we have for our Pack Leaders. Please let me know if you have any questions. Our teens will be contacted by their Pack Leaders soon.

Pack Leader Expectations